What is reality?

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What is reality?

Post by Darrell on Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:01 am

The more I study reality, the more I question. This post will be a work in progress, I welcome additions or comments to it as I go along.

If I were to sum reality up as short as possible, I would say that reality is everything that you can imagine. From all of my research, as it pertains to this subject, it seems reality is as many things as one can imagine it is. There are things some people don't believe even exist. Such as other dimensions. Dimensions of course being another realm in which we can not identify with any of our known senses. Some people believe other dimensions exist, while others even believe there are beings that come and go to and from said dimensions.

On the subject of dimensions, I must say we need to realize what another dimension even is. A realm we can not identify with any of the known senses. We can not see, hear, touch, smell, or taste things outside of our dimension. This paradigm means that it is a separate reality from ours. It would suggest multiple realities, begging the question; Which one is the true reality? Is this one we're in merely a dream? An illusion? If other dimensions exist, is heaven a dimension? Is it the true reality? So many questions arise.

The main thing to note there, is that this denotes a separation. It infers that dimensions are separate from each other, and can in no way directly affect each other. However, personally, I don't subscribe to this idea. The more thought I put into dimensions and their existence, the more I think they are all facets of the same gem. I feel like reality includes all dimensions, including what might be thought of as heaven. A simple understanding of quantum physics and frequencies should be evidence enough of this. While it may be true that there are beings from another galaxy, many thousands of light years away, it may also be true that they may exist, essentially, right along side us this whole time. It is actually scientifically possible, even, that they could be aware of us, and be observing us without us even being aware of it, lacking the level of consciousness and technology.

Death then is more of a trip to a mostly secluded location. A location of which is mostly accessible by those who are on the same frequency. It's not the death that many think. Not an end. Not even really traveling to some far off dimension. Distance means nothing to someone who has the proper understanding. What seems to be a long distance, is due to the perspective of our primitive minds. Erase distance from your thoughts because the thought of distance alone is enough to hold you back.

What I have seen in my research, from multiple sources, consciousness is omni-present. Not effected by distance, time, dimensions. It's not affected by any known principals of common physics. If one could transmit a thought, coherently and directly, it could traverse to anywhere, at any time, in any dimension because it is everywhere. We are all part of it, as it is part of us. It is the unifying force that presides within everything.

It has been said that an individual will only see what their level of consciousness allows them. I believe in this firmly, as it goes right along with what I have come to realize over the years; A person can never be taught anything they are not ready to learn. I also realize the undeniable fact that things seem to just get easier or come to you all at once, even though they were impossible to you before. This seems to suggest some sort of awakening in your mind. A sudden insight that allows the capacity for the task at hand to allow you to understand it seemingly out of nowhere.

I think we need to erase the idea of separation. On Earth, across the cosmos, and other dimensions. Ultimately, we are all facets of the same gem. Perhaps one day we can have an awakening that will allow us to see many more of the facets of the true reality we exist in.


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Re: What is reality?

Post by MacksterMatt on Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:53 pm

Yeah I also believe that separation is an idea that we hold to strongly for ourselves. Once the level of consciousness rises among ourselves, we will realize that separation can not hold us back from reaching more understanding within the realities that we live in.


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